Meg update…

Ok, I’ve put three pages to bed – added a single grey tone to each and I’m working on page 4 now — I think I’m gonna move back onto Bristol board, I’ve been using cheap(ish) but heavy cartridge paper which is really nice to pencil on but it’s not really putting up with the amount of rubbing out that I do. My drawing technique has become one of pencil a bit, ink a bit, rub out, pencil a bit more and ink a bit more, rub it out and repeat until page feels finished.

When I was first commisioned by 2000AD I was petrified of bothcing up so I lost my ability to pencil so instead I started using a kind of onion skinning technique where I’d draw a rough in pen then overlay with paper draw a more detailed rough and repeat until it was more or less ready for inking. But then I’d repeat but pencilling onto Bristol board which I’d end up inking on, this, unfortunately was just teaching me to fear pencilling. Eventually I moved back to pencilling, but for the next few pages I’m gonna go back to the onion skinning technique – if done right I’m hoping I can ramp up the quality of the artwork.

Anyhue, the other advantage of the Bristol board is that it takes inks REALLY well – but it’s like pencilling on glass, but since the inked page is all that’s left that should probably be more important.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.