Ok, joking aside, I think I do have a couple of strengths:

**I know what I like – and what I like is generally very good. In my opinion obviously.**

>My taste mutated from being a massive Alan Davis/Steve Dillon fan to Adam Hughes, JG Jones, JH Williams and others of that ilk (realistic, strong storey tellers). I kinda figure that if you’ve awful taste in artists then you’re own art isn’t gonna get good. (BTW: those are just the comic artists, at one point I owned a couple of first and second edition Ring Cycle books illustrated by Arthur Rackham who is fantastic – and I’ve always loved Alphonse Mucha, although I’ve a new found love for Degas – since the [Paris Trip]( )

**I’m really critical of my own stuff**

>There are some things of mine I’ve done that I look back on and think – wow, I really like certain aspects of that/those, but, as a general rule, I tend to look back through my fingers in abject terror – these means, hopefully, I’m always moving on.

**I’m bloody lazy – and I know it.**

>Ok, that’s not a strength, but I’m convinced, deep inside of me, is the makings of a really fantastic artist (this may be a delusion, but still) and I’m gonna chip away until the bugger is revealed – this is why I continue to draw despite constantly griping about my inability. The fantastic artist delusion is probably as a result of my awful short term memory – where I forget just how bad I can be.

There we go, I hope that’s cleared up any ambiguity about my creative strugglings 🙂

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Strengths”

  1. Those favourite artists are interesting, as from what I’ve seen of your style, it’s quite different from them. But I suppose you didn’t specifically say “influences”, and even if they are direct influences, that’s not to say that the signs of that influence would be particularly obvious.


  2. You’re right about the lazy thing!
    You should be shooting for the US market man!
    You’re way good enough, just get. your. finger. OUT!!


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