The Labour Party home page


Skip the intro and have a look at the map labelled ‘Labours working for you’. Spot anything glaringly obvious? (hint: it’s large landmass and part of the UK)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

3 thoughts on “The Labour Party home page”

  1. Perhaps it’s a hint as to Blair’s future policy towards Northern Ireland?
    It reminds me of the way that the BBC do the weather. You’d be forgiven for thinking that all weather effects stop at the border! I know that southern Ireland isn’t part of Britain, and that technically there’s no reason why the BBC should show its weather, but it’s just funny to see the rainclouds just go to the border, then stop. 🙂


  2. Yeah, but up here, we’re always told about the ‘grey skys of the Irish Republic’, so we know what the weather’s likie anyway!

    As for Labour. It doesn’t make a difference really, if the formed over here, it’d just be another party for me not to vote for.


  3. Actually, I love the RTE weather reports for the opposite reason, too: “and now, here’s the Pan-Nationalist weather, brought to you by The Romantic Ireland mobile phone company”.

    It must be a hard station, to be both a Unionist and a Socialist. Who the hell do you vote for?


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