Oldies but goodies…

My dad, who’s a collector of weird, wonderful and er… mostly crap ‘truck’ (dunno if it’s a phrase used in anywhere but Norn Iron, but it basically means junk). Had a bunch of annuals. And I’ve stolen three on him.

The New Spaceways Comic Annual,c1954, features Swift Morgan, Zip O’Daly and Plastic Man (yes, the DC plastic man, which a quick google search tells me was bought by DC in ’56 or thereabouts).

Lion Annual 1960 – featuring Robot Archie.


Young Marvel Man annual which doesn’t appear to have any dates but I’d put at mid 50s.

The artwork is really nice in all of the books, the best stuff though is defintly Plastic Man and a strip called ‘Chop Chop’ with a main character who wouldn’t be allowed to see print these days. But it’s lovely stuff – I think both are by Jack Cole – I’d love to be able to get to that level with the Nanas and Custard strip that I do.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.