2000AD Online – fan zone

And finally, for tonight, we have: A Dante sketch (although it’s pretty much a finished piece) I like it cus it doesn’t look like I drew it (on the other hand I don’t like it cus it looks like a generic drawing – gagh, so torn…) AND Tabitha DeVine dark mystress of the night. Tabitha was the authouress of many an erotic tale of equine vampirism. I cannot explain either the building or the Bruce Timm style gimp. This information is lost to the ravages of time (and it’s better off being lost I suspect).


These are from the same sketch book from a couple of years ago — the oily inking on Dredd was a style I seemed to be doing for a while but I’ve no idea how or why. I’ve moved on. There actually is something decent in this sketch book and I’ll upload that asap.

Some Colour Stuff

This was me playing with Acrylics – didn’t turn out to bad – would be about er… maybe a year old? (Looks better in the flesh – big problem with colour work is scanning it and making it look right – one of the reasons I don’t bother with it)

Yes, boba, I have to agree…

This is from about 2002 ish? just a sketch. Boba’s nailed it on the head though, that **is** a rubbish gun. (not to mention a rubbish pose, poorly rendered in a dull Tim Bradstreet stylee)