Yesterday …

Yesterday was a great day. Work flew by, got home did some drawing it was great. Today was a crap day, got the first fail – or, rather, ‘referred’ so I’m stuck with this bloody thing to redo bits – bits, which, if I’m honest, are no clearer now than when they were originally given to me.

As an example:

One section has a piece on charts. The red inked note written beside it said ‘I told you to IGNORE handout 6’. I said ‘but I did ignore handout 6, I didn’t read it – how much ignoring of it can I do?’. Turns out handout 6 had stuff about charts, stuff I included because I was told to ignore the handout.


So I’ve put the meg job to the side for the moment in order to finish this fecking assignment tonight, tomorrow will get some meg done, thursday got to do a nanas & custard strip and then friday should finish page 6 of the meg for me to start pages 7 and 8 for the weekend (assuming I get a chance to get near the drawing board). Why did I think holding down two jobs (albiet two part time jobs) having a baby and going back to college would be easy?

Tomorrow I’m not expecting a great day in work.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.