Megazine Update

Nearly finished page 5, working on pencils on page 6 – page 6 should come together faster – may even get it finished tonight? nah, too optimistic. Page 6 looks to be the ‘hero’ page — cool shot of main character running along firing off his gun, great thing about the panel is that all there is is him, but for this strip I’ve decided to letter the sound f/x myself and it’s the BLAM BLAM BLAM f/x that make the panel really work. S’pretty cool.

Did another podcast tonight but I think I’ll scrap it and do another, I was too self-concious when doing it so I’ll try and get one recorded in the next few days.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

One thought on “Megazine Update”

  1. Just got round to listening to your podcast this evening! Nice to hear what goes on inside Holden’s head 😉 Actually found quite entertaining, particularly about the process you go through with each page – funny buzzing sound part way through broadcast though.

    But enjoyed it, look forward to hearing another soon – keep up the good work and score me some 2kAD fantasy football points!!



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