Visualising a strip

When I start a strip I like to try and visualise how it’s going to look. With Rogue trooper I wanted something that would give the feeling of a widescreen movie – ‘Saving Private Ryan’-esque in parts. For the most part I think I succeeded – or at least I distilled enough of the original idea that the finished work felt like it was ‘widescreen’. The current strip (and many others) have suffered from a lack of clarity in how I’m drawing it. This particular strip has suffered from me wanting to do it in greywash (like Rogue), in line art (with hints of Geoff Darrow), the line art with red (Frank Miller), line art with cell colouring (anime), line art with really simplified colour (one colour per scene, with a single shading – inspired a little by a Batman graphic novel I have in a similair coloured style and by the new Batman cartoon which uses unusual colours, deep reds, purples, etc, for the background colours). But I’ve finally settled on a noodly line art with greywash with hints of manga. I think it’s starting to bed-in (thankfully) which means by the last panel of the last episode it should be pretty damn perfect (ish).

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.