Alrighty then, where are we at:

Megazine strip, still stuck on page 4 — got over the big hurdle and work will continue – no doubt I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Podcasts – I actually enjoyed doing the first one and I’ve had some responses (two… alright that’s not much, but still) but I like the idea of doing them, and knowing how easy it is (literally turn on the mic, press record, import to itunes and upload – and it’s done in 45 minutes ). When I was a kid I was obsessed with starting clubs – I think cus I felt like such an outcast I wanted somewhere I could make myself where I’d fit right in (invariably the clubs involved me plus some friends or cousins and would be dead within two weeks to be replaced by another club). I went all out for these things, making badges, magazines and stuff. I like making things. But I’m lazy. So I like making things that are easy and podcasts are easy. Podcast 2 will get more airplay — I reckon, at any rate, cus it’ll actually be a proper podcast with an RSS feed an everything (and I’ll try and get it joined up to the list at ipodder.

Nerdy computer geek stuff, after the (more..)

Mac lust: Had convinced Annette to let me buy myself a macmini which I was gonna use as a nice mini server (making use of the screen and keyboard and other bits I have lying around) and then Annette could use the laptop and I could use the mini. But then I got a cheque in the post for the work I did with Stu Taylor for magazine Neo and I’ve readjusted my goals upwards – now I want a G5 (which I wanted before the new macmini showed up). But I still want a macmini to play with. Noone understands my addiction.

Bought Annette a iPod shuffle – shhhh, don’t tell her, it’s a secret (and she hardly ever reads the blog so she probably won’t read this until the ipod arrives in the post).

Annette bought me, for Christmas, a Griffen Powermate – a kind a metal knob for use with a mac, can be used as a simple volume control or cooler as a video ‘scrubber’ – allowing nice and easy control through video/audio editing software. It still hasn’t arrived. And I want it.

And my final piece of mac lust: bought iLife ’05 – should get it next week (along with an iPod carry case and a mini-dvi to video which will let me plug my powerbook into the telly so I can finally watch lost on the TV).

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