Give me your links…

If you’re a regular (or irregular visitor) and you’re website is not listed in my little ‘ol link o’ lists on the right then drop me a comment with a link to your site and I’ll add it.

Also: sorely tempted to do another podcast, but not having got any feedback on the previous one (apart from my mate Jim who said: ‘well, it was just you on your own so I didn’t think it would be that funny’) I’m not sure… feck it, if I get a chance I’ll do another.

Drawing stuff: still stuck on megazine page 4 – this is the final draft though – bloody cars.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Give me your links…”

  1. Hullo, I’ve dropped by for the first time this year (been a busy old time of late). Happy Birthday and I will take time out tomorrow to listen to your Pod cast! Inspired by yourself and the amazing Jim Lee, I’ve started my own attempts at Blogging at, don’t know the sanity of it all but its good fun! Cheers, Graeme.


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