Another year older…

And I’ve finally realised why other people don’t want to acknowledge their birthdays — they’re ultimately pretty disappointing. Even now I still expect to wake up to something extra special on my birthday – it’s a hangover from when I was turning 18 and half expected that all the previous rubbish birthdays (including the miserable 17th birthday when my mum and dad forgot my birthday) would be made up for by my mum and dad giving me a bank book filled with cash they’ve been scrimping and saving over the past 18 years. Didn’t happen then. Or on my 21st. Or my 25th, or on my 30th. 35 I suppose is a key birthday (I tend to ignore those dull in between birthdays like 23, 34, 37 and just count the 1-13, 16, 18, 19, 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60 and so on until death). So this year got some pressies – got a card of my dad (after haranguing him) and er.. that’s it. Didn’t even get time alone with Annette.

So next year, I’m inclined to just tell people not to bother (accept secretly I hope they’re planning something amazing just to make up for the past 35 birthdays).

Dull stuff ahead, if you’re only interested in my self-flagellation then you can skip it 🙂

I’ve pretty much completely switched to the mac, body and soul. I love my powerbook despite the battery dying on me – it’s currently capable of a full 20 minutes on the battery. I love the extra features – like the MS Word style spell check I get in any edit box (which is why if the posts have correct spelling they’re posted from my powerbook and if the spelling is iffy then they’ve been posted from someone’s PC). I’ve ordered up a new battery and a couple of cables to let me plug the powerbook into the telly – so I can finally watch my bittorrenty tv shows on the big screen. Annette has ordered up a powermate (a kinda silver twisty knob thing for the computer) which, well, honestly, I’ve no idea what I’ll use it for, but feck me it looks cool. I really want a new iMac G5 – 17″ will have to do (although I’d prefer the 20″ – but it’s just too expensive). I flitted through some PC magazines to look at what you can now buy for half the price of an apple and some of the specs are mind blowing but I just couldn’t face going back to windows and spyware. So that’s me switched — I’m hoping the new rumours about a cheap iMac are true then I might be able to convince my dad to get one.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.