Post Christmas Roundup

Got a good haul (always helps to let family members know where your interests lie). Nathan is starting to get really difficult to feed (should be taking about 6 ounces, but takes 2 ounces before he starts crying because of wind – I think this is colic). So he poos, pees on you and then cries through a feed which should take 20 minutes and turns it into an hour and a half, and then he smiles for half a second and all is forgiven.

Started back into the Megazine, I haven’t been given a deadline but I’m sure by the time I get one I won’t have enough time to finish it. Started back on page 1 – it just didn’t look finished. Big splash panel and a secondary panel. I’ve extended the splash to bleed off the page and I’ve put a border on the panels. I’m not sure if this is to be greywashed – I wasn’t terribly happy with the look of the greywashed dredd illo in the megazine – I dunno if that was cus of me or the higher quality glossy paper, but either way I don’t trust how it’ll look so I may try and do grey tone on this strip (like the NEO art which looked better than I expected). Anyways, to work.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.