Ok, no proper updates for a time, so here’s some now:


Nathan due to be christened on the 2nd of January – personally I’m not bothered about this, but as I’d like him to go my old school (which is closest and will be easiest to get him into) he has to be christened. Current weight: 10lbs 1oz, up from 6lbs 1/2oz — getting bigger. He’s a good baby, crys when hungry (and, between 9:00pm and 12:00midnight – for reasons unknown although it’s most likely cus he’s tired). Currently Annette feeds him him in the middle of the night and during the day (mornings) and then we share it, until 9:00pm when I get him. Which would work out great but it’s fairly dented my working at the drawing table time.


I’ve three assignments to complete for return to college, an excel spreadsheet (done – but still have ‘brief’ essay to do), a set of diagrams (mostly done) and a website (mostly done) these will eat into my holiday time, when I plan to get some drawing done. No word on the last big assignment which I’m expecting to fail (although I did expect to fail the last one and I got a distinction – along with almost everyone else in the class).


I tend to steer clear of mentioning the day job – the blog is for personal and drawing and that’s the way it’ll stay.

Other things:

Been playing with programming on the mac (about the only thing I can do while nursing Nathan is type one-handed while holding a bottle under my chin) and I’ve been getting into cocoa and objective-c programming, it’s bringing back memories – I used to program for fun waaaay back when I was 16/17 (programming the Amstrad CPC464 with it’s green screen and three screen modes and horrible blocky resolution).


Despite a number of false starts – done nothing. I’m determined to do something, although I’ve been deterermined to get back to the drawing board for the past four weeks and not a great deal has come from that – my room currently looks like a council tip (and will continue to do so until I get all this rubbish filling it taken to the council tip).

Anyways, for enquiring minds: I’m fine, if I didn’t have college and an (unknown) deadline for The Megazine (not warhammer as I’d previously said) I’d be having a whale of a time, as it is the lack of drawing is worrying me (and may be the root cause of my old stomache pain – do a google search for ‘pain under left rib’ and see the startling number of results which amount to ‘I have that too – but I don’t know what it is’).

Anyhue, off to do some work (coming soon: the annual review)

Author: PJ

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