Comments back on!

I disabled my commenting owing to a steady increase in comment spam (hey, if you want to know a good gambling site I’ve got a thousand links) but finally got around to reenabling ’em (boring technical bit: I renamed the file).

Got assignment handed in. Hoping to pass (they design the course to make failure difficult, so if I don’t pass I get another go and if I don’t pass again I retake the entire module).

Tonight I restart the Megazine assignment performance anxiety will kick in I’m sure.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

4 thoughts on “Comments back on!”

  1. Aye – personal blog. NOW! Make a new page if you hafta maintain the integrity of your professional one, but BLOG DAMN YOU!

    Hello Paul.


  2. Woo… I tried to congratulate you a while ago about that cute l’il baby ! He’s gorgeous. 🙂

    Hey I have thousands of them as well, maybe we could post all the IPs so someone could nuke their servers. I managed to get rid of it all by installing an auth image hack, but they’re playing fast and loose with the referral logs now. Bah.


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