So, I’ve an essay to hand in to college tomorow…

And I’ve managed half a paragraph. I suspect I can hand it in on friday, but still, it’s just getting me down. Do I simply regurgitate the notes in reformed english, or do I hunt down new notes on the interweb (which, of course, contradict the lecturers notes). All the while I’m thinking ‘time to give this up…’. This is normally the moment when I give this stuff up, it’s just too hard to know what they want (aligned with the fact that I just can’t get my head into the sort of mood needed). And I’m starting to feel the pain of missing the drawing board (bought a hell boy stories graphic novel and some of the artwork was just incredible and it just made me want to draw and up my game… but I’d settle for just a chance to draw).

Anyways back to this bloody essay…

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

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