All The Rage

Yeah, it’ll be a long term project because I’m writing the Matrix game, but I’m almost done with penciling and inking the first of a four issue prestige format miniseries called Seven Against Chaos. Harlan is basing it on a film treatment he wrote years ago, that takes The Seven Samurai plot and reimagines it in a science fictional context. But frankly, I think Harlan is more influenced by the western, The Magnificent Seven. Peter Tomasi is our editor and it’s a standalone book, not a DCU book but not a Vertigo book either. I would expect that it’s about two years away.

Quiet some time ago I pitched the Seven Samurai as a sci-fi short to warhammer, setting it in the messy world of Necromunda (which, to me, at least, seemed like a really cool idea). I always felt a little dirty about the idea of nicking another plot (even if it’s one that’s been nicked several times, off the top of my head: the magnificent seven, a bugs life, that space one starring napoleon solo). James Peatty ended up writing it (and dead a great job) and it was all finished, not sure when (or if) it’ll see the light of day. Still, makes me feel all warm and cosy knowing I beat Harlon Ellison to the punch 🙂

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