– Airport X-ray sees through clothes – Nov 9, 2004


I have now (in fact I’ve always) had a bee in my bonnet about statistics. Here’s an example, this report says that 98% of participants of full body scanning gave positive feedback. Here’s what’s missing (and this is just from a cursory glance of the article):

98% of participants, NOT 98% of those people who were asked to take part. Possibly 99% of those asked said no – for a variety of reasons, including not feeling they wanted the invasion of their privacy.

I fecking hate this collusion of the press with government – a collusion that comes about more through lazy reporting than any actual conspiracy. A free press should question stuff like this not just run with whatever figures have been put on a press release.


Starting to get back to normal, hope to have mother and baby home tomorrow.

Author: PJ

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