This is tough….

Looking after baby, working and trying to get near the drawing table are all tough things. Haven’t got looking at my Megazine job since page one was drawn. Thank gawd I’ve wireless broadband and a laptop otherwise I’d probably spend my day watching telly and feeding baby.

A new(ish) phenomena called ‘podcasting’ is starting to pick up — essentially you create your own radio show (or podcast) (which I’ve wanted to do since I’ve had the mac as it’s really easy to do it) but the magic bit is the distribution, you set up an RSS feed (essentially a frequently updated list of all of your podcasts) and listeners install some podcasting software which downloads new shows as they become available (which, on my mac, get pumped into the ipod without me thinking about them). I figure if I can get my pal Jim to find 1 hour in his schedule (and I can get 1 hour in mine) then we can put together a weekly show. (Yes, Damien, I probably won’t do it — but it’s frustrating me that the only thing I’m lacking is time…)


This is tough, this having two jobs, going to college and doing sundry things which I’d rather not be doing. I haven’t looked at the drawing table since Nathan was born.

This months megazine has my Dredd illos in it — didn’t realise they were gonna appear so soon.

Dead Man Walking

Still tweaking…

Still not got comments fixed. Things are starting to adopt a pattern. Annette is off for six months, so once we’re adjusted to that pattern we’ll end up in another one.

Comics related work: can’t remember what I’ve posted (very tired). Currently working on a three parter for the Megazine, page one is finished – writer is happy, gotta start back into it tomorrow.