Wired News: Drawings Blamed for Genesis Crash


Was watching the West Wing (one of my fav shows, allow starting to lose interest as it invariable begins to look a little long in the tooth) on Tuesday where they were talking about Manned Missions to Mars. The idea being that it’s worth having something to strive for, to give people something to look up to. The recent Genisis crash (the satellite collecting solar radiation) turns out to have been based on a drawing that had a bit upside down. And you know what, knowing that Nasa with all those geniuses (genuii?) can get something like that wrong … well, what hope have the rest of us — and that’s probably just as valuable as having something to look up to.

(If I don’t make any sense, just ignore me)

In unrelated, ended up not going to Octocon — just too much work to do, sitting at the moment taking a break away from my college project which is f**king difficult – not difficult in the sense that a really intensely hard maths question is difficult but difficult in the sense that there’s no way to know if you’re even on the right track — the sooner we finish the essay questions and get onto the do-able programming projects the better.

Author: PJ

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