BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair under fire on Iraq claims


Rambly post ahead

I was always against the war, I was never convinced by the claims of wmd and think it was a mistake which should remove Blair … and then I look at the alternative. Margaret Thatcher said, IIRC, that her lasting legacy was New Labour. Unfortunately, like most people I’m pretty sure, I have nothing to base my politics on but gut instinct – lets face it the only information you get on a politicians ideas and ideals come from either themselves (and are therefore easily dismissed as being clearly biased) or their opposites (who are easily dismissed as being clearly biased). I wonder how different Iraq would’ve been if Michael Howard was in power and I think the answer is not much. The real problem with politics and politicians is regardless of what you want to do by the time you come into a position of power your so indebted to those that have funded you, organisations that have helped you and your party and powerful countries that you have to scale back. The system is pretty much flawed, I think. I don’t really understand how democracy which is all about choice always seems to boil down to just two positions (or parties)? both of which appear to be diametrically opposed to each other, neither prepared to acknowledge similarities (and where they are similar they want to accentuate the differences). Course in Northern Ireland we get lots of choice, unfortunately most of the population seem to have formed extremes of postions. It worries me that Bush and Kerry are so close – it suggests that half of America think Bush is great, surely that’s reason enough to start buying canned goods and getting ready for the apocalypse.

I’m very tired.

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