I have, for ages, been thinking of buying a domain name which isn’t my own but something a little more generic. Pencil Monkey is it. I’ll be moving the forums et all onto it (won’t make much difference, as they’ll still be hosted at but going to should take you there too – and I’ll be doing a new logo as well). At the moment I’ve also set up a WIKI – a wiki is a simple easy to edit website where ANY VISITOR can modify/add or delete pages – the pencil monkey wiki is aimed at being a good resource for UK artists, but I’ll need help — anyone who wants to can contribute – no matter how much or how little it’ll all help. If you see something that should be formatted differently then just do it – if you think something should be added, then just add it. I’ve started the ball rolling by bunging up a massive article by Simon Fraser but I’ll be adding more as I can get my hands on it. Please pass it on.

Apple – iPod Photo


Cool, but why won’t it support movies? How tough could it be – it has a cable to plug into a tv, it’d be cool to transpose your dvd’s to your ipod so you could have movies on the go.

Now, where was I?

Right, to bring you up to speed: completed some illustrations for Judge Dredd Megazine – not sure when they’ll see print but I might bung some of the artwork on eBay – we’ll see. Looks like I’m doing this three parter Megazine strip, bad news is that it won’t see print until middle of next year – this is how far in advance they work. Pinking page 5 (Pinking – when you pencil as you ink – I made that word up, can’t you tell?) of Broken Claw. Sometimes some jobs are just harder than others – this one has been tough, I just haven’t been able to get a handle on how I want it too look which is leaving it fairly half-formed. But I’ve a deadline, otherwise I’d rethink the whole style. I made the mistake of starting the action off on top of a high roof with no real distinct architecture at night, the result? lots of panels where I can’t draw background cus there just isn’t any. Smart thing would have been to put them on an outcrop in the middle of a really tall building – maybe throw in a couple of gargoyles. bugger, I wish I’d thought of that sooner. Anyhue, should get page 5 finished tomorrow as well as page 6 and then greyscale them all. I’ve also bought some watercolour board to play with paints – which has been surprisingly fun and easy(ish) – I normally use my own paper but it buckles and weirds out when you paint on it, this stuff just sits there and takes all of the abuse. It’s really nice. Anyhue, signing off.

Wired News: Drawings Blamed for Genesis Crash


Was watching the West Wing (one of my fav shows, allow starting to lose interest as it invariable begins to look a little long in the tooth) on Tuesday where they were talking about Manned Missions to Mars. The idea being that it’s worth having something to strive for, to give people something to look up to. The recent Genisis crash (the satellite collecting solar radiation) turns out to have been based on a drawing that had a bit upside down. And you know what, knowing that Nasa with all those geniuses (genuii?) can get something like that wrong … well, what hope have the rest of us — and that’s probably just as valuable as having something to look up to.

(If I don’t make any sense, just ignore me)

In unrelated, ended up not going to Octocon — just too much work to do, sitting at the moment taking a break away from my college project which is f**king difficult – not difficult in the sense that a really intensely hard maths question is difficult but difficult in the sense that there’s no way to know if you’re even on the right track — the sooner we finish the essay questions and get onto the do-able programming projects the better.