Had a couple of bits of interesting (in a good way) comic book related news (these are not things that will set the world alight, but good, positive things). Will post as things solidify.

Just for the record – as I’ve said before in the blog – don’t worry about the sometimes negative tone, the problem with blogs is they encourage a certain type of introspection which is rarely positive – me am in good mood 🙂

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

One thought on “Things…”

  1. You’re an ‘artiste’ and as such, are allowed, nay, required, your moments of introspection.
    I’m really glad there’s some movement on the comics front for you, it’s been too long since you’ve done anything!

    Much as I love that Rogue on the blog page, he’s obscuring some of the most recent post.


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