I was lying in bed…

wondering what exactly happened to my imagination. I’m sure I had a incredibly vivid imagination before, but life pounds you down to the point where you just can’t be arsed (you think, ‘wow, what would I do if I won a million quid’ then you think, ‘well, for a start, I’ll have to pay off my student loans…’ and so it goes).

Today was the first time I’ve ever felt any real regret about dropping out of University – I dropped out in the final year (after having spent a couple of months working for the Open University in Milton Keynes – a horrible place – more precisely I was staying in Bletchly, but the best job in the world ever) my excuses ran the gamut of my mum not being well, my comic career (haha) looked like suddenly picking up (Mike Carey and I were going to do a bunch of projects – this was a good couple of years before Mike did Lucifer and became a big name – in fact Mike was still working full time as a lecturer at the time) and the course was boring the pants of me. I think, what it boiled down to, was simply fear – I just froze, I was never particularly good at handling exams (my parents didn’t even let me sit the 11 plus). But, you know, it’s never bothered me until today, when I was sat in that class being taught how to move a cursor about a spreadsheet (argh!) it just felt like I’d taken several thousand steps backward. Stick to it Paul, stick to it.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.

One thought on “I was lying in bed…”

  1. Hey fellah

    Blog hopping on a dull Saturday afternoon and caught your reflections on dropping out of Uni. And yep – it was a dumb move. Sorry that you’re feeling sad about the thing . . . But then, burning your bridges will give you the light to see by (definately my epitaph). Life has a way of providing.

    Good luck with your stuff (are you an artist? I hopped here from an arty site) and I’ll leave you with a few pieces of unwanted advice.

    – imagination is a muscle. You are going to have to exercise it regular and often to get (and keep) it buff.

    – Lie about getting the degree. Noone asks to see it anyway (when applying for work) and you can always photoshop a decent forgery if need be.


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