First Class


One thing which I always forget about schools/colleges/universitys (or, in fact, any large organisation) is just exactly how badly organised they can be. We’ve three classes all rolled into one, which neither of the lecturers seem to have been expecting. People are sitting on the floor, there aren’t enough computers to go around and some of the people who’ve secured a seat haven’t neccessarily secured a computer (rather essential in a class that deals in practicals). For the past 30 minutes (although, I assure you, it feels far more like several hours) the lecturer has been going round individual computers trying to figure why thgey aren’t logged in.The other lecturer seems to have done a runner. This first course covers “ill defined/well defined outcomes” (which the lecturer has admitted is a little woolly) programming in java (a little) and … spreadsheets? I dunno, unless they’re gonna do some amazing stuff with spreadsheets I suspect I may find myself bored in the class.

To quote Annette I’m ‘one of those people who hold everyone back … from leaving early’. I tend to ask questions, and butt my nose in. I’m pretty sure I could be of some use by attempting to get some of the systems logged in (they’re running windows xp but using novell client to log in to a novell server) – I actually thought no one still used novell, but nope – students do. So anyways, I’m sitting here, bored, typing a blog post (in my email — because I’ve forgotten my blog password) and waiting… may post later…

(In regards to the blog – yes, I’ve finally seen how bloody awful it looks in IE on Windows, I’ll try and fix it asap)

Author: PJ

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  1. Aaah I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it, I’m using Firefox. The good ole ‘IE doesn’t support PNG transparency’ chestnut strikes again. Not to mention it’s weird html margin handling. Bleeee..

    All looking good though ! Was a bit of a surprise when I blipped over. 🙂


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