Sony QRIO – amazing: Simon Perry: Schemes, dreams & trivia

The head of it is the most sensitive component, as it contains the two camera that enable QRIO’s all-important stereo vision. QRIO understands this and does everything it can to protect it. In the rare times that it does feel itself moving to a fall, it moves very quickly to shift its weight to correct it. If the needed correction is too large it will then move to fall on its arms, thus protecting its head.

Interestingly, when they’re doing demonstrations, they have found that the AI in QRIO is so strong that if you haven’t been friendly with it before hand, for examples, by not kicking back a football it kicks to you, it will refuse to do what you ask it in the demonstration. Effectively it is expressing its annoyance.

I felt a bit foolish asking to have my photo taken with it, and the photo certainly doesn’t flatter, but when would I get another chance?

Why will noone buy me a robot?

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.