Wednesday Update

Okay, nothing drawn today. My good friend and very talented artist Jim Lavery (who in no way co-erced me to write that sentence… uhm…) was round today. I really love Jim’s artwork – sadly, more than he seems to, but ain’t that the way. Jim’s been itching for ages to do some comic strip stuff, and I’m helping him finally get something finished (fingers crossed). I’ll post something up as soon as I’m able.

The White Stripes are playing in Botanic Gardens (which is just down a hill, over a river and across a road away from me – very close) tonight so it’ll be boom boom boom (or, as my old boss used to call it ‘bloody yadda yadda’ music) all night long.

I went up to college to talk to the tutors about the course, I’m easily talked around to stupid things though, so I’ve kinda agreed to go to the day release course, which is all day on Tuesday which will through other plans out the window. I suppose one full day is better than two evens but – as my dad helpfully pointed out “if you have a baby crying you want to get out of the house as often as you can”.

Gonna go up and get some shopping and foul burger king – and in other good news – tomorrow represents the first time in … about uhm…. 10 years or so, when I have zero credit card bills ! woohooo!

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.