Sitting at the drawing table…

Big changes are afoot in the personal life… Hoping to change my hours of employment – still the same 17.5 hrs per week, but instead of half a day every day I’m hoping to move to two full days and one half day – the remaining time will be spent looking after baby and drawing (although everyone I know has said don’t expect to do much of anything). Go to speak to the college admission people on the 25th to see about getting on the course – I’ve no real formal qualifications, but shed loads of experience so should be ok. That’ll be Mondays 5 – 9 and Thursday 5 – 9 and whatever time in between to do coursework. (Er… this is starting to shape up to be a lot). Still I was probably as productive drawing when I worked full time hours as I am when I’m working part time hours (essentially the time required to do the work is always exactly equal to the deadline – which is either a coincidence or proof of one of those laws that I can never remember properly.)

Did nothing yesterday – sat at computer all day fiddling with it – I’ve loved programming computers from the age of 14 when my mum and dad got me my Amstrad CPC464 and I used to type text adventures in from various Amstrad magazines. Ah… tape decks. Today been waiting on new sofas which arrived finally. And despite being knackered I got up, played with some modelling clay I bought and then started inking bits of Broken Claw page 1. Not much work done, but I did something. Going to bed now, gotta go to L/Derry tomorrow – so an all day trip I think – to set up a computer. Should be home for 4 ish. Pick Annette up at 5ish. Do dishes, make dinner, eat dinner, do dishes again, wait on Annette hand and foot (as has become the norm for the past couple months since the baby seems to be making her hit the lazy switch nice and early) pack Annette off to bed at about 8 or 9. The gather my thoughts and hit the drawing table. Weekend will be spent on Saturday visiting in-laws (the norm every fortnight, it’s an 2 hour round trip, I usually got for a nice sleep – the don’t seem to mind) Saturday night might get something done after 8. The Sunday, which, if I’m lucky will be a bloody awful day and I’ll not have to do anything but sit and draw. (Although it’s been a while since I’ve been to visit the grave). If it’s a nice day head up to grave, de-weed, and then maybe head out somewhere with Annette and then sit down and 8-9. I tell you these things because … I dunno really. I started typing and forgot to stop. Right. Bed.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.