Been giving very serious thoughts to going back to school…

For those that don’t know me – I work part time as the IT supervisor for a charity, this pays well but I’ve now been doing it for four years – on paper I can keep doing it until the end of all time (and, unless something major happens it’s likely that I’ll always need a proper job) but previous to this job I was working on different networks installing computer stuff and was handling cutting edge tech on a daily basis (and being challenged on a daily basis) so I feel a need to do something to challenge myself. I think HNC in Software Engineering. Two years, night time course, it’ll stand me in good stead in the long term. Comics… I’ve taken this week out – not that I’ve been wildly productive off late but I decided this week to do some programming, in many ways I get a similar buzz (creativity – producing a final product, intellectual challenge) but I don’t get the same self-loathing that I do with drawing. So I’m gonna hit the drawing board tonight and see if I still enjoy it.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.