Best laid plans…

anyhue, this is Sundays post. I’ve had Luke most of the day — we’ve played a variety of games on the PS/2 – so far I’ve been Judge Dredd, Agent XIII and spider-man. Now going to bed.

Saturday is TISWAS day!

Not much done on the drawing front, looking at a reworking of the website (you may have noticed something new) but I’ll be making major changes (maybe). Swapped my Game Cube for a nice shiny new PS2 including XIII which is really cool looking. I have always loved computer games, but it’s a love that lasts for all of 5 minutes until I see something newer and shinier.

Been glued to the Olympics – not sure why but I think I’ve watched them far more this year than any other. Tomorrow, come hell or high water, I start into page 2 of Broken Claw. Oh yes, all next week I’m on holiday so – fingers crossed – I can get quiet a bit done (although there’s a good chance I’ll have to spend most of the time painting).


Mike (The Fantastic Four) Wieringo’s blog. Filled with lovely sketchs. I won’t be posting today (apart from this) and I’ll be out later tonight with work for a leaving do.

Thursdays blog is full of paste.

Anyhue, Thursday – mostly finished page 1 of Broken Claw – should start page 2 tonight (maybe) my mind keeps vacillating between wanting to draw and wanting to program a general purpose open source templating system. Was chatting to Jim who’s decided to redraw lots of the things he’s already drawn (er… people in glass houses I’m thinking…).

Chatted to boss about getting out for day release (or, more acuretly, changing my times so I can go to college for one day and work in the office those extra hours).

Was talking to Gordon on the phone – whereupon we agreed that the free gift with this weeks Toxic! was most excellent (air propelled rocket thingie, after nearly putting wifes eye out with it she confiscated it from me).

Read a chunk of the Alan Moore interview in Zarjaz! – it’s really rather good. Added, a couple of days ago, the facility to email copies of posts onto people. You can also subscribe to the Atom RSS feed (if you don’t know what that means … well, it doesn’t matter). I’ve decided to try for one post per day. For this year at any rate. Let’s see how it goes.

Flak Jacket

A six-page Hulk script has been commissioned and completed for Panini UK’s new boys title called Rampage! that’s hitting the shelves around October (I think the strip’s in the first issue).

Damn them. Damn them all to hell…. Hopefully if this new mag goes well, at some point they’ll start using new artists (who aren’t Anthony Williams who seems to be drawing everything at the moment)