Forbidden Planet International

Finally got up to the newly re-opened and moved Forbidden Planet International, it’s bloody massive. I haven’t been inside a comic shop for yonks (the last time was just after Bristol when I nipped in bought a bunch of batman for reference and nipped out again). I just stood gawping at the selection of books and the quality of the stuff. And, oddly, rather than putting me off drawing (cus I’ve been on a bit of a drawing downer at the moment) it made me want to go home and draw.

Spent most of today running around killing time while waiting on being phoned about my car which is in the garage to be looked over for it’s six month service and mot exam. They didn’t bother phoning me and when I phoned them turned out the garage was closed. So now no car till tomorrow. Pain in the bloody arse.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.