– Fire department bars book-burning – Jul 12, 2004

Apparently this preacher guy called ‘Breedlove’ wants to burn books (and videos and cds and dvds) – but he’s not allowed as it would contravene local pollution laws or something – so instead they’re gonna bung them into bins and then light a candle symbolically. But I’d kinda like to know where they’re getting these books and things? Did they buy them in the first place? On the assumption they didn’t raid the local shops for material they felt offensive were exactly did they get the books? What books does Rev Breedlove own that he wants to burn and why? Did they buy playboy and then realise it was offensive? or did they decide to burn some stuff and realised they didn’t have anything to burn so had to nip into the local shop to buy books? it’s all very odd.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.