Buying flat. Getting new kitchen in. Flat in mess. Drawing table inaccessible…

in other news:

I’ve watched the demo of the new version of Mac OS X Tiger. And it’s fantastic. Coolest things (and probably most useful) The search everything features. Now instead of remembering where I’ve put my gif preview I can just search for it. In fact I can create smart folders which are basically searches for preview images so it no longer matters where I put files (it used to matter but every so often I’d forget then store files somewhere different again). I’ve bought a 160Gb external firewire drive so that should be me set for the next hundred years or so. Other cool features: dashboard – you can have loads of killer widgets accessible at the hit of a key – so instead of hunting out the calculator tool when you need it it’ll be right there at the touch of a function key (or, even cooler, at the move of a mouse to the bottom right of the screen). First third party most useful widget? my guess will be a replacement for the dock – I love the dock but it takes up too much space.

Author: PJ

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