Forbidden Planet International

Finally got up to the newly re-opened and moved Forbidden Planet International, it’s bloody massive. I haven’t been inside a comic shop for yonks (the last time was just after Bristol when I nipped in bought a bunch of batman for reference and nipped out again). I just stood gawping at the selection of books and the quality of the stuff. And, oddly, rather than putting me off drawing (cus I’ve been on a bit of a drawing downer at the moment) it made me want to go home and draw.

Spent most of today running around killing time while waiting on being phoned about my car which is in the garage to be looked over for it’s six month service and mot exam. They didn’t bother phoning me and when I phoned them turned out the garage was closed. So now no car till tomorrow. Pain in the bloody arse. – News – Health Officials Warn Residents About ‘Bathtub Cheese’ – News – Health Officials Warn Residents About ‘Bathtub Cheese’

Man in husky voice wearing a mac and a hat. ‘Alright mate, wanna buy some cheese?’ he looks around rapidly. ‘S’good stuff. 100% pure diary. Nothin’ cut into it’.

Seriously, has anyone in the UK been offered cheese out of the back of a van? (not counting some episode of Only Fools and Horses).

Batman Sample Update

Ok, I’ve done next to nothing (well nothing that’s any use at any rate) I’ve a new script, by Robbie Morrison featuring Mister Freeze – but I need reference! Does anyone have a decent pic of Mister Freeze? – Fire department bars book-burning – Jul 12, 2004

Apparently this preacher guy called ‘Breedlove’ wants to burn books (and videos and cds and dvds) – but he’s not allowed as it would contravene local pollution laws or something – so instead they’re gonna bung them into bins and then light a candle symbolically. But I’d kinda like to know where they’re getting these books and things? Did they buy them in the first place? On the assumption they didn’t raid the local shops for material they felt offensive were exactly did they get the books? What books does Rev Breedlove own that he wants to burn and why? Did they buy playboy and then realise it was offensive? or did they decide to burn some stuff and realised they didn’t have anything to burn so had to nip into the local shop to buy books? it’s all very odd.


Been a slow old month for the drawing table. Didn’t get anything of any real significance done and every-time I thought I was back on the horse I fell off again. My head has been filled with computer programming type stuff. My real job involves computers and every so often I think of jacking in the drawing and just working on computers (even the part time work I do pays better than a lot of work in comics – on the one hand it gives me a safety net, on the other hand there’s a tendency to fall into the safety net because it’s a lot easier than walking the tightrope — sound of analogy reaching stretching point…). Anyhue this week is the annual 12th of July holidays (a thing that’s celebrated in N.I. when some people killed some other people and then er… something else, I dunno – I wasn’t raised in any particular belief system so I’m kinda non-plussed by most of NI specific holidays). Anyway, off this week and starting to get some stuff done. Gotta go to my little brothers primary school on Thursday to teach them how to draw Nanas and Custard and then Friday Annette and I are going up to get a scan of the baby.