My taste in music…

Is often described as peculiar. iTunes is finally in the UK (and, more importantly, it’s working for me). I’ve just bought ‘cry your eyes’ by The Streets and deleted the one I’d downloaded from Kazaa (I think the iTunes one is better quality, but only just, but I’d rather legitimately own a track than not). Really like the song ”Oh, What A World’ (Windows Media High Quality) by Rufus Wainright (you can listen to different quality/versions of it from his website).

iTunes lets you create things called ‘iMixs’ basically, you set up a list of your favourite tracks and share them with other people. As Annette will tell you the mix ‘Wailing Bints’ just right there is the reason apple/iTunes/music is great. (Although, to be fair, they aren’t all wailing bints sadly).

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.