Spending the weekend doing up some character designs…

Which I’ll try and post here, mostly without explanation. 2000AD went full colour a several years ago, up until it did it ran black and white artwork with a full colour centre spread which made the colour pages look like magic (yes, look like magic, not look magic). They were often a double page Judge Dredd splash. When it went full colour every page was painted and the colour pages lost their sheen. In recent years 2000AD has been putting some black and white artwork back – in an anthology title I think contrasts and changes of pace work. Waaay back when the UK had a full comic industry lots of work was printed in duotone (single spot colour plus black) this character sketch is stealing that idea (spurned on, in no small part by much of the gorgeous line art on Fábio and Gabriel’s blog)

In answer to James’ question: no, sadly, the ape cover appeared as black and white only (the blue was done as a greyscale, at Arthur’s suggestion) – small press print run of about 50 – I put the blue in later just before uploading it cus I could 🙂

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.