Notes from the Drawing Table: The Drawing Room

tom said…
i cant believe Dom Reardon (Artist for ‘Caballistics’ – 2000AD) got best new commer over you at the diamond awards thing, he is rubbish, is there no justic in the comic world?

Let me assure you Tom (whoever you are) there’s no need to worry because (deep breath…) I was sixth on the best newcomer list, if you ignore the writers on the list (Andy Diggle, Simon Spurrier) then I was fourth, but … if you then ignore those newcomers who were on the list last year (Dom, Boo Cook and Jock – come on, best newcomer twice in a row? that can’t be right…) then it means … tadaa! I won. Sadly despite having written to Dom several times he has yet to return my award to me.

(Course if you read Tom’s quote in another way it sounds like I was attending some sort of Porno awards… in which case, forget I said anything…)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.