More Updates on the lack of Updates

Hello Nick. Currently the only reader of the blog that isn’t me. What’s been happening? Nuthin’ keep meaning to get something done but keep getting distracted by nothing. I should be hounding 2000ad for work but … y’know, there ain’t any (that I’m aware of) I quiet shamlessly plugged myself on the 2000AD panel to no great avail (as did D’Israili D’Emon D’raughstman – aka Matt Brooker) and other guys (currently being published in both 2000AD and the megazine … okay, Patrick Goddard) are complaining about no work. It’s a tough world. Gotta get some promised character designs done for a 2000ad proposal for Jaspre Bark (promised a good … oh six months ago) gotta get some stuff done for Stu (promised a good … oh five months ago). Argh. Saturday gonna get nothing done, gotta take my little brother up to Annette’s parents house and I’ve promised we’d watch ‘Equilibrium’ together so nothing done saturday. And Sunday there’re too many things to decide which one to do first.

Still nothing worse than a mediocre talent going to waste.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.