Slightly Disappointing

After looking into it, the cost price of doing a standard 24 page american style comic appears to be $ 5.08 (compared to $ 2.50 off the shelf) this comes down, mostly, to the minimum cost of ‘saddle stitching’ (a fancy term for stapling – it costs about $4) and that price would exclude any postage. Best thing to improve perceived value for money is to a) bump up the page count (max of about 52 pages – would bring it to $ 6.34 (which is about the cost of 2.5 comics and the page count of about 2 comics with 4 pages to spare) you could also increase the physical size of the thing to american letter size – but I think that’d work against it). Anyways, disappointing but not the end of the world… (Plus I can still self publish with my own printer, just not comic book size…)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.