Updates and what’s next…

Past couple of days haven’t seen me particularly energised, I’ve made minor adjustments to the Doc Atom first page, Nick has emailed me some cool background details for Doc Atom. The first strip will be available online for free (and available to small pressers for publication if they so wish). I’ve found out that the post-Bristol cold I’ve had was caught by lots of people, apparently, so not just me then. I’ve got a new (fab) Nanas and Custard one pager I’ll be doing right after I’ve finished the first Doc Atom page. After that I’ll be tearing into the remaining five pages all the while doing some proposal type stuff. After that I’m gonna start the Batman/Batgirl/Whatever Bat character I end up doing a sample off sample and posting a copy to DC and my pal Mike Carey (yeah, bet you didn’t know I knew him, oh I knew all the big names just before they got famous after that they don’t seem to return my calls so much… actually Mike and I did a 10 page strip that appeared in Negative Burns years ago and when I find the artwork for it I’ll post it online.)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.