BBC NEWS | Technology | Undercover agents fight net piracy

I went to see Harry Potter today – it’s really very good, the cinematography is beautiful in places and there’s lots of nice visual touches. But something that really, really annoys me. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t know that copying a film is illegal? Seriously? do I need to sit through three screens worth of warnings about copyright infringement before I can watch a film (including one thing saying that the cinema uses night vision equipment to watch you watching the screen – I’ve a good mind to hold up a sign saying ‘anything I do is copyright me, any attempt to film me while I’m doing whatever it is I’m doing will be considered a breach of my copyright which can lead to a fine or imprisonment’). Copyright is important (allowing creators of a work to manage how that work is reproduced, and, therefore, how they can earn a living from it), but large companies have massaged the system to the point that creators don’t particularly benefit from copyright as much as the companies themselves do (seriously, who’s benefited more from copyright law over the years – the writers of the Disney films or Disney itself?)

Anyways… the streets ‘dry your eyes’ is a really beautiful song and the sooner I can buy it on iTunes the better.

Author: PJ

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