Batman Sample Update

Currently reading through a Devin Grayson script (available online here). Trying to work out the best pages to use, pages 1, 2 and 3 are good – 2 and 3 is a single splash image though, so I’d prolly use another couple of pages after that. None of them feature Batman (Poison Ivy is in the first page) and the rest feature Robin (Tim Drake) in civvies – if anyone can point me in the right direction…?

(The Batman panel is from a previous sample, just thought I’d throw some art up…)

Batman Sample

I think I have to lay out some ground rules for myself here. Let me know if anyone thinks I’m onto a loser.

  1. Only use scripts that have already been published. Cuts down the chance that any flaws lie with the script and not my artwork.
  2. Four samples minimum. I was gonna go for three, reckoned I should go for five, but four sounds reasonable.
  3. Pencils only.
  4. Simply letter outlaying who I am, why I’m sending stuff (at the invitation of Bob Schreck)
  5. Added: Also, don’t pick any obvious things – leave “The Killing Joke” alone and any other very high profile script.
  6. And er.. just do it.

That should be enough.

Nanas and Custard…

Finally got iTunes to accept payments from my visa card. Unfortunately Annette has discovered how easy it is to rebuild her audio tape collection using downloads, so I’m considering cancelling my visa card – there’re only so many Debbie Gibson songs one man can listen to.

In answer to Rich’s question (to paraphrase) ‘reveal all’ – there ain’t that much to reveal, it’s like, you know when you know you’re hungry but you don’t know what you want to eat? and then someone asks what you want to eat? but all you can do is say you’re hungry? well, it’s like that. I hope that’s cleared that up.


Just putting the finishing touches on this page of Nanas and Custard for toxic, two figures to draw and that’s it – get it scanned tomorrow and then put everything aside to concentrate on a batman sample. This month hasn’t been as productive as I’d’ve liked, on the plus side got an offer out of blue which might be interesting (if it comes off), might have found a home for one project and maybe found another home for another project.

My taste in music…

Is often described as peculiar. iTunes is finally in the UK (and, more importantly, it’s working for me). I’ve just bought ‘cry your eyes’ by The Streets and deleted the one I’d downloaded from Kazaa (I think the iTunes one is better quality, but only just, but I’d rather legitimately own a track than not). Really like the song ”Oh, What A World’ (Windows Media High Quality) by Rufus Wainright (you can listen to different quality/versions of it from his website).

iTunes lets you create things called ‘iMixs’ basically, you set up a list of your favourite tracks and share them with other people. As Annette will tell you the mix ‘Wailing Bints’ just right there is the reason apple/iTunes/music is great. (Although, to be fair, they aren’t all wailing bints sadly).


Internet has been awful the past couple of days but seems to be playing nice now. Been working (unsuccessfully) through some character sketchs for a couple of projects. (the colour mummy isn’t one) but I’ve got to turn my attention now to the next episode of Nanas and Custard (started three times and abandoned three times)

Just got an email

From Rich Johnston (of Lying in the Gutters) asking if I’d like to be involved in pitching something, I would but as I haven’t done much more than half a page of pencils in three weeks I’m not sure how I should respond.