Things to do…

5 Page Batgirl sample, pencils only. I bought a pile of Bat titles, batgirl was drawn by Rick Leonardi. It’s lovely.

Art styles: I like drawing in different art styles – I’m fully aware though, that, as a rule, an editor needs to see a single style – for example, warhammer = greyscale style, Nanas and Custard = silly cartoony artstyle, small press= what ever I feel like (AP comics clearly like cartoony/hip art style). DC I’m not sure yet exactly what I’m gonna come down to, Fábio (who is turning into my Jiminy Cricket conscience, which I do appreciate 🙂 has suggested I stick to one style which will be comfortable for hundreds and hundreds of pages and he’s spot on, so it’ll probably lean towards cartoony (and chunky and heavy) but I’ll not know yet until I’ve done several dozen pages of it. I’m normally “on model” for an entire project (although self-doubt caused my recent Batman sample to fall between two stools – not a mistake I intend to repeat). Anyhue, I’ll post the samples as I get them done and as writers permit.

Author: PJ

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