More Bristol…

Forgot to mention, I didn’t win the National Comics award best new talent — I was sixth. Although, y’know, if you discount all of the writers, I came fourth – but if you discount those people who were on the list last year (and really shouldn’t be eligible this year) I actually won. But I suspect I may be clutching at straws there.

I turned up late on Friday night, just after the awards (which, for some reason I thought were on on Saturday) so I didn’t even get to go through the whole cycle of feigned disinterest – tense excitement – crushing disappointment. Still, maybe next year, eh?

Showed my portfolio to AP comics they seemed to like it although nothing I had was in the style they would use – although I did have a couple of character sketchs that they were interested in – something I’ve been talking to Jaspre Bark about. So next year I’m gonna pack a much more diverse range of stuff.

I’ll post more as I remember it, in the meantime I’m gonna tidy up the studio and start making plans, Fabio is right (see the comment in the entry previous to this one), once a month is the best thing to do – and I’ve gotta sit and work out how I’m gonna do that 🙂

Author: PJ

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