Just waiting around now …

Gonna be picking Annette up shortly to drop off at her parents, she’s been sick most evenings and isn’t too keen on sitting in the house on her own (can’t say I blame her).

My flight isn’t until about 8:05 tonight, to get in for 9:10 (although it’ll either be early or very, very late). Got my A4 portfolio crammed with artwork and photocopy portfolios – oh yes, any editor makes the mistake of asking for photocopies is gonna be walking out of there a broken man (or woman). Got my A3 portfolio with the art for Meet the Flooks, Waiting and some pieces from Rogue (and all of The Seven artwork) I’ll be setting that down with me while I sign/sketch. I’ve got an A4 sketch book (nice book) which, from the back I’ll try and fill with other peoples artwork and from the front I’ll be sketching and giving away artwork (if you want a sketch just ask) and finally I’ve my bag with more than enough spare cloths in it.

The story of why I always bring lots of spare cloths

I went on a community group trip when I was about 11, I had a black-bin bag with cloths. They forgot to take them. No big deal as we were only away for 3 of days. Day 1 of the trip we were all having a go on a 4×4 motor bike thing on the beach. I drove it straight into the sea. Spent the next three days lying in a tent unable to go out cus I’d no dry cloths. Have never trusted black-bin bags ever since.

Right, here’s what I look like (although not usually) if you see me say hello!

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.