Right, nearly done…

Portfolio is looking good, photocopies in binders looking good. Confidence in myself looking good (ok, it’s a little shaky – but for me that’s good). I’ve still gotta get some business cards (although really, they’re never much use – if an editor isn’t interested in photocopies of your work they’re not gonna be that interested in your business cards and anyone else will be happy to write your number on a scrap of paper – in fact it’s usually artists handing out cool looking business cards to each other in a form of artistic one-upmanship). Also gotta work out how much I wanna sell my artwork for. Pricing anything is a toughie – let’s face it on the one hand artwork has no actual value and on the other every page is a unique thing. I’ve seen some artists sell colour pages for £20 which … I dunno, is probably a good enough idea if you’ve got shed-loads to sell – which I don’t – but I think it pretty much devalues your work. I suspect I’ll be looking £15-£30 for Dredds, £10-£20 for future shocks and £40 – £70 for greywash Rogue. There’s a good chance I’ll end up swapping more than I’ll sell – but that’s good too.

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.