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Ivor Lavery was a really great bloke. Sadly, he died a couple of years ago of cancer. When Ivor lived in London in about ’91/’92 I went and stayed for a couple of weeks with him, Nicola (his girlfriend at the time) and Fred Collier (proprietor of Dark Horizons along with John McCrea) it was my first time away from home and it was great. His nickname was ‘lightning’ – because he had a stammer, fairly typically cruel kid humour I suppose. Anyway, he used to tell the story of the tattoo which he had on his neck (for as long as I knew him he used to wear polo-necks so I assume he was perpetually embarrassed about it). When he was a punk in London in the late 70s he got hammered and his mates took him along to get a tat of ‘lightning’ on his neck – unfortunately, for whatever reason, the tattooist didn’t get it quiet right – and tattooed ‘lighting’ instead. So Ivor woke up the next day – saw this bloody awful tattoo which he didn’t want and realised that he’d have to go back and get the guy to tattoo an ‘n’ into the lettering somehow. And that’s what he did. And to this day the sight of that tattoo with the squeezed in ‘n’ always made me laugh.

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3 thoughts on “BugWiki: Ivor Lavery”

  1. hi
    i am currently making an archive of Ivors work both of his comics and
    his paintings i have scans and photos of about 50 paintings
    and the first 6 issues of blast magazine and a copy of ugly mug comic
    with his work “the accident” do you have any of his work that you
    could scan or photograph? or any pictures of him during that
    period in london? or do you know anyone who has?
    I am building a website about him and his work and hope to have
    it up within the next few months.
    I was a great friend of ivors he stayed in my place a
    few days before he died and woke up saying his back ached because
    of sleeping on my sofa then went off to his parents home to recuperate.
    a few days later he was dead from a burst cyst in his lung.
    it was great to find this page thru yahoo search for ivor
    as other results are disappointing to say the least and i want to make
    a decent tribute to the talent of one of my best mates.


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