Hello New People!

Assuming there are some. Anyhue, comic updates: just finished Nanas and Custard ‘Bog Roll Boy’ episode. Panel one needs a little more detail put in it (the funny comic strip stuff works better with less detail and I could prolly get away with what I’ve got – but I’d still like to add a little) and one panel could do with re-drawing – nanas and custard laughing hysterically – I’ve never drawn anyone laugh hysterically (and normally that’s not a problem with cartoony stuff – but it does seem to be at the moment). HMV have a sale on and they have lots of forign films – including The Devils Backbone – I bought two Akira Kurasawa films, Kagemusha and Ikura (I think those are the titles – I don’t have the dvds handy, in fact why don’t you all pretend I didn’t write that and I’ll make it up by watching one tomorrow and writing an honest to goodness review. or maybe not)

Author: PJ

Belfast based Comic Artist who won’t shut up on twitter.