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G’ah. There’s a certain feeling of impotence when you vote in Northern Ireland, neither Labour nor Conservatives have a significent showing in NI (iirc Labour don’t have any candidates here at all). So there’s a frustration knowing that no matter who you vote for, ultimately you won’t be able to effect in any way who is in power in the UK. But, y’know. That’s kinda alright – at least you can have some sort of nominal input into the election process (really, this is democracy, though? a two party system – binary politics? can’t help feeling this isn’t substantially better than no for of democracy at all – after all, in a one party system you at least acknowledge the flaws in it) anyways, what’s more frustrating is knowing that no matter what you do at the local level or at the national level, it won’t make a jot of difference as any prime minister will follow any president into the darkest abyss just because. Donald Rumsfeld today said ‘I’ve stopped reading newspapers’. George Dubya said, before the election, iirc, that he doesn’t read newspapers as he has people to tell him wants happening. The torture pictures have only gained momentum since they’ve been in the paper – I suppose Rummie probably wishes that no-one reads the papers. Plus, I’d like a world leader that I can look at and think – that guy is smart. Rummie and Dubya seem to revel in low-level intellect (in a very calculated way) clearly an attempt to connect to american voters so mired in apathy they’d vote for someone who’se gonna be chummy to them.

I dispair.

Author: PJ

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