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As of issue 85, Warhammer Monthly will be changing its name to Warhammer Comic. This is because we’re going bi-monthly, now alternating with Inferno! magazine. All your favourite strips will be continuing as normal and issue 85 marks the long awaited Warhammer Comic debut of Shaun Thomas on a tale pitting the might of the White Scars Space Marine chapter against the vile Dark Eldar. Check out the preview artwork as our latest desktop wallpaper.

If you’re a subscriber, don’t worry — your sub will simply last longer than you expected! Potential contributors, however, should note that because of the wealth of material we already have saved up, we will not be accepting any new submissions for the comic until further notice.

So that’ll be it then. I’ve done infrequent work from warhammer but knowing it’s going bi-monthly will pretty much reduce the chances of any more comic work to pretty close to zero (at least for a couple of years). Assuming they had only 1 years material in the drawer it means they now have two years of material to print. And I’m guessing they’ve substantially more than 1 years of material. When I started working with computers at the age of 14, one of the first things I found out was that the place I was working in had been established in 1949, during the sixties it had lots and lots of offices and at that point (in 1984) it was reduced to two small shops. The only thing I think I’ve learned about business is that a business either grows or it shrinks. I hope this isn’t the last dying gasp of the comic – I know and like Christian the editor, and I know he’s put a lot of work into trying different things and trying to expand his empire as it where. From a purely selfish point of view, this is gonna reduce the amount of work available to me and it’s gonna have an impact on the work available from 2000AD as well, suddenly artists that would rely on work from both 2000AD and Warhammer are gonna start shilling for even more work from 2000AD (and you’ll have really talented guys doing that, leaving me kinda looking like the ugly friend on a night out – and who wants to snog the ugly friend? oh, sure, it’s alright if you’re mate’s already copped off with the good looking one and you know it’s dark and no-one else will see so what the heck, but when the lights are one and all the pretty ones are still available what hope for the dogs of the world? – sorry, went off on one there.

Anyhue, good luck to everyone who’s effected by it. (I say that through gritted teeth, knowing that what passes for good luck for my fellow artists can only be described as my bad luck – it’s the nature of being a freelancer)

Wow, a three blog night, haven’t had one of those in awhile.

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