Things to do…

5 Page Batgirl sample, pencils only. I bought a pile of Bat titles, batgirl was drawn by Rick Leonardi. It’s lovely.

Art styles: I like drawing in different art styles – I’m fully aware though, that, as a rule, an editor needs to see a single style – for example, warhammer = greyscale style, Nanas and Custard = silly cartoony artstyle, small press= what ever I feel like (AP comics clearly like cartoony/hip art style). DC I’m not sure yet exactly what I’m gonna come down to, Fábio (who is turning into my Jiminy Cricket conscience, which I do appreciate 🙂 has suggested I stick to one style which will be comfortable for hundreds and hundreds of pages and he’s spot on, so it’ll probably lean towards cartoony (and chunky and heavy) but I’ll not know yet until I’ve done several dozen pages of it. I’m normally “on model” for an entire project (although self-doubt caused my recent Batman sample to fall between two stools – not a mistake I intend to repeat). Anyhue, I’ll post the samples as I get them done and as writers permit.

More Bristol…

Forgot to mention, I didn’t win the National Comics award best new talent — I was sixth. Although, y’know, if you discount all of the writers, I came fourth – but if you discount those people who were on the list last year (and really shouldn’t be eligible this year) I actually won. But I suspect I may be clutching at straws there.

I turned up late on Friday night, just after the awards (which, for some reason I thought were on on Saturday) so I didn’t even get to go through the whole cycle of feigned disinterest – tense excitement – crushing disappointment. Still, maybe next year, eh?

Showed my portfolio to AP comics they seemed to like it although nothing I had was in the style they would use – although I did have a couple of character sketchs that they were interested in – something I’ve been talking to Jaspre Bark about. So next year I’m gonna pack a much more diverse range of stuff.

I’ll post more as I remember it, in the meantime I’m gonna tidy up the studio and start making plans, Fabio is right (see the comment in the entry previous to this one), once a month is the best thing to do – and I’ve gotta sit and work out how I’m gonna do that 🙂


I’m knackered (normal post-Bristol feeling). This year, more than any other though, I did the things I wanted to do. Showed Bob Schreck (DC Group editor of Batman titles) my artwork and he took a copy of my portfolio and gave me a card and told me to ‘keep bothering me’. So that’s the plan. The year long plan. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m gonna gather up half a dozen Batman/batman related strips and do 5 pages at least every two months (if I was any kinda hard case I’d do 22 pages of pencils every month) and post them off. I’m feeling confident (despite knowing exactly how many other 2000AD creators were also pitching to Bob) and I’m even looking forward to doing the samples. The megazine, apparently, is going to be publishing more original material so I’m hopeful I might get some work there (although, again, I know how many other talented guys are out there). I’m currently in a state of blissful ignorance of my own in-abilities – and long my it continue.

Just waiting around now …

Gonna be picking Annette up shortly to drop off at her parents, she’s been sick most evenings and isn’t too keen on sitting in the house on her own (can’t say I blame her).

My flight isn’t until about 8:05 tonight, to get in for 9:10 (although it’ll either be early or very, very late). Got my A4 portfolio crammed with artwork and photocopy portfolios – oh yes, any editor makes the mistake of asking for photocopies is gonna be walking out of there a broken man (or woman). Got my A3 portfolio with the art for Meet the Flooks, Waiting and some pieces from Rogue (and all of The Seven artwork) I’ll be setting that down with me while I sign/sketch. I’ve got an A4 sketch book (nice book) which, from the back I’ll try and fill with other peoples artwork and from the front I’ll be sketching and giving away artwork (if you want a sketch just ask) and finally I’ve my bag with more than enough spare cloths in it.

The story of why I always bring lots of spare cloths

I went on a community group trip when I was about 11, I had a black-bin bag with cloths. They forgot to take them. No big deal as we were only away for 3 of days. Day 1 of the trip we were all having a go on a 4×4 motor bike thing on the beach. I drove it straight into the sea. Spent the next three days lying in a tent unable to go out cus I’d no dry cloths. Have never trusted black-bin bags ever since.

Right, here’s what I look like (although not usually) if you see me say hello!

Right, nearly done…

Portfolio is looking good, photocopies in binders looking good. Confidence in myself looking good (ok, it’s a little shaky – but for me that’s good). I’ve still gotta get some business cards (although really, they’re never much use – if an editor isn’t interested in photocopies of your work they’re not gonna be that interested in your business cards and anyone else will be happy to write your number on a scrap of paper – in fact it’s usually artists handing out cool looking business cards to each other in a form of artistic one-upmanship). Also gotta work out how much I wanna sell my artwork for. Pricing anything is a toughie – let’s face it on the one hand artwork has no actual value and on the other every page is a unique thing. I’ve seen some artists sell colour pages for £20 which … I dunno, is probably a good enough idea if you’ve got shed-loads to sell – which I don’t – but I think it pretty much devalues your work. I suspect I’ll be looking £15-£30 for Dredds, £10-£20 for future shocks and £40 – £70 for greywash Rogue. There’s a good chance I’ll end up swapping more than I’ll sell – but that’s good too.

Britain’s Official Annual COMIC FESTIVAL – in Bristol since 1999

Primary Objectives:
1) Show portfolios to each of the DC editors – and, hopefully, they’ll want photocopies (if they don’t then I’ll do some more samples in about six months and send them anyways).
2) Find any/all comic publishers and do the same thing – (Com.X are there).
3) Meet up with some writers and talk shop.
4) Draw (a lot)
And er… that’s it (yes, I know, ‘have fun’ but I always do so it seems silly to make it a objective.)